Hypertonic VS Isotonic: Which One Is Right For You?

Quinton Marine Plasma Isotonic Hypertonic Water and Wellness

Health, of course, is the most important thing in our lives. Living life to its fullest and accomplishing all of your goals is hard without good health. But, optimal health doesn’t just happen on its own.

René Quinton, the father of Marine Therapy, first shared his knowledge of Marine Plasma in 1904 through his published work, “L’Eau de Mer, milieu organique. Since then Quinton Marine Plasma has been used by naturopathic healers, doctors, and many other health professionals.

Quinton Marine Plasma is not just seawater you can snag a cup of at the beach. It’s the living fluid that is created by zooplankton when they consume phytoplankton within specialized areas of the sea. Quinton realized Marine Plasma was necessary for the optimal health of the human body by coming to specific conclusions through years of research and experimentation.

According to Quinton’s laws of osmosis and marine constancy, he asserted the following:

1. All life emerged from unicellular organisms - the ancestors of human cells. Their need for a constant supply of mineral salts was met by the seawater in which they lived. The seawater also facilitated acid-alkaline balance, which was fundamental to the establishment of homeostasis.

2. Humans maintain an isotonic internal environment similar to the less salty oceans which existed when the first amphibians emerged hundreds of millions of years ago.

3. “There is physical and physiological identity between seawater and the internal environment of the organism.” - By Roy Dittman, OMD, USA & Raul Brugioni, Biologist, Brazil

Marine Plasma is essential to overall health and can be a total game-changer for your body. Choosing the right Marine Plasma product can be overwhelming, so let us break it down for you.

Quinton ISOTONIC and Quintessential 0.9 Sachets

Quinton Isotonic is an easy-to-use formula that provides all the essential trace minerals that restore balance to the extracellular matrix. It supports the regeneration of the body by substituting a depleted inner medium, replacing it with a nearly identical equivalent, thus promoting optimum cell development and activity.

The balance of these minerals and electrolytes naturally enhance cellular hydration and support homeostasis. The blend also helps restore parasympathetic activity by nourishing the cells with the same seawater minerals that all biological life evolved in.

With 78 key minerals and trace elements, Isotonic is used to address nervous or anxious states of mind and body, calming tension. It also helps to support the immune system, balancing any hypersensitivities to foods and other allergens.

Quinton Isotonic is ideal for balancing the nervous system in a time where many of us are in sympathetic dominant states of anxiety, stress, inability to sleep, and digestive complaints. Isotonic can help us shift to a more parasympathetic state - one of rest, calm, digestion, healing. On top of that, it supports cellular hydration, communication between cells, the health of the bioterrain and the immune system.

  • Marine plasma diluted by spring water to have a qualitative mineral composition similar to blood plasma, lymphatic fluid & interstitial fluid
  • 0.9% concentration- nearly identical to the osmotic concentration of human plasma
  • Best choice when first starting Quinton
  • Used to quickly restore balance to the bioterrain in acute or chronic states of imbalance
  • Supports a shift to a parasympathetic healing state of rest and digestion
  • Taken on empty stomach, 1-6 daily (in divided doses) depending on the state of imbalance

Quinton HYPERTONIC and Quintessential 3.3 Sachets

Quinton Hypertonic, similar to Quinton Isotonic, is made up of 78 key minerals and trace elements to help support and balance the body and its systems. This formula contains the natural benefits of seawater processed according to the original protocol developed by René Quinton.

This formula optimizes hydration and mineralization, while having an energizing effect. It is designed to be taken 1-3 times daily to support endurance and strength, and allow the body to properly recover from mental or physical strain. It may also be added to reverse osmosis water to remineralize with trace elements that are no longer found in our food supply.

Quinton Hypertonic helps to protect the body against fatigue by supporting adrenal function, therefore supporting the body’s resilience and enhancing energy levels, making it easier to work hard and play hard.

  • Marine Plasma
  • Used to support mineralization, rejuvenation, hydration
  • Add to reverse osmosis water or consume directly into mouth
  • Daily maintenance

Both Quinton Isotonic and Hypertonic are supported by OVER 120 years of use with millions of people world-wide. Regardless of which you are taking, you will enjoy marine plasma that is:

  • Harvested from vortex oceanic plankton blooms exhibiting special biological and energetic properties
  • No heat, pasteurization, or UV radiation used - Cold microfiltered
  • Harvested in proprietary way from depths of 30 meters to preserve all health promoting properties
  • Month-long detailed quality control evaluation of each seawater batch ensures purity
  • Processed in a certified pharmaceutical lab facility
  • Certified free of plastics, chemicals, radioactivity, and other contaminants

Adding Marine Plasma To Your Regimen

The benefits of Quinton Marine Plasma can be life-changing, especially for busy individuals. The original Quinton Marine Plasma also comes in easy-to-tear on-the-go sachets (QuintEssential 0.9 and QuintEssential 3.3), making it easier to bring with you wherever you go whether you’re traveling for work or on your way to the gym.

Whether you decide on Quinton Isotonic, Quinton Hypertonic, or the QuintEssential sachets, your body will thank you for the extra support and instant revitalization that comes in each dose.

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  • Hello
    I have both iso and hyper tonic quinton and take one in am, and one in pm.
    I am wondering if it’s ok to take with water or coffee? I try to take on an empty stomach (food) But have trouble avoiding coffee or water. Pls let me know.
    I also have some meds I take fist thing in morning and before bed. Ok to take with that? AM is unithyroid, PM is Leflunamide- RA medicine.
    I was just diagnosed with osteoporosis at 62 yrs. How long before I test again to see it’s better? 6 months after taking ISO and Hypertonic quinton?
    Thank you for your response.
    Julie Miers

    Julie Miers on
  • Is only the hypertonic the best choice to add to my RO water or can I also use the Isotonic. We are a household with 4 children & we want to use the most appropriate one for our family. Thanks in advance!

    eva alvarez on
  • Is only the hypertonic the best choice to add to my RO water or can I also use the Isotonic. We are a household with 4 children & we want to use the most appropriate one for our family. Thanks in advance!

    eva alvarez on

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