Male Hormone Health

Male Hormone Health

In honor of all the men in our lives, and since June is also National Men's Health Month, let’s talk about how to help the MEN in your life AGE better!

As men age, hormone changes are associated with an increased risk in cardiovascular disease, muscle loss, prostate concerns, dementia, and erectile dysfunction.

Pregnenolone and DHEA levels tend to drop…

Think of these two hormones as the top of the hormone food chain. Pregnenolone, the precursor to most of our hormones, is especially involved with brain function and mood as a neurosteroid.

DHEA, the most ABUNDANT circulating steroid hormone drops when we’re under continual stress. And who isn’t these days? DHEA is a precursor to testosterone and estrogen. Yes, men do have estrogen… it is NOT just a female hormone. The key, as with all hormones, is in keeping estrogen levels BALANCED.

The same goes for testosterone… many men focus just on boosting testosterone, but boosting testosterone too high can carry with it some health implications as well.

High testosterone can result in increases in estrogen with the conversion that occurs with aromatase enzyme activity. THINK: weight around the midsection, breast tissue growth, and erectile dysfunction!

Testosterone also converts into DHT, a potent testosterone metabolite that may exacerbate prostate tissue growth and accelerate male pattern balding.

When you talk to the aging men in your life, they may express concern over hair loss, loss of muscle tone, urinating more frequently during the night, and libido changes. There are hormones and botanicals that can be used to support healthy hormone balance before these issues arise.

But remember, when starting protocols that involve hormones, test within 4-6 weeks to ensure proper dosing.

Here’s to healthy aging for the men in our lives!


13 botanicals including Gynostemma, 2 types of Ginseng, Schisandra, Rhodiola, Astragalus, Reishi, Ashwagandha & more to support resilience, endurance, and a healthy stress response.

Super-nutrients Bio PQQ, Coq10, Resveratrol, Tocotrienols to support mitochondrial health and vitality.

Respond to high demands with vigor, not exhaustion.

DHEA (take in the morning):

Maintain youthful levels of this hormone to encourage cardiovascular health, muscle mass, healthy sexual function, healthy immune function, bone density, and more.

Pregnenolone (take in the morning):

Neurohormone for anyone looking to support youthful hormone levels and maintain mental focus, memory health and more.

*Test hormones periodically to assess proper dosing.


Boron, Zinc, Vitamin D, Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root, Beta-Sitosterol, Pygeum, Pumpkin seed oil, Pomegranate, and Flower pollen are ingredients routinely available - also favorites to support healthy prostate tissue function, supporting healthy DHT levels.


-Dr. Angela Pogioli
Clinical Consultant / Product Education Specialist

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