Experiencing Back-To-School STRESS?

Image of GABA and Methyl B complex for school
Gaba-theanine is a quick solution!

Theanine is the neurologically active amino acid found in tea which provides a sense of alert relaxation. Theanine’s impact on brain wave activity produces a state of mental relaxation and calm, similar to what you achieve through meditation.

GABA is a key inhibitory neurotransmitter - simply put, it’s a chemical in our brains that puts the breaks on brain activity. But most GABA products have poor bioavailability!

Combining both ingredients with advanced liposomal delivery is a great way to unwind!

And since B vitamins are integral to stress management AND neurotransmitter formation, don’t forget your regular intake of Methyl B Complex!

This liposomal blend containing the active, methylated forms of B vitamins ensure you get the forms your body can immediately utilize with the fastest delivery!


Dr. Angela Pogioli
Clinical Consultant / Product Education Specialist


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