Why Your Brain Needs Sleep And How To Get It

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We all know that getting a good night’s sleep makes the day go much easier and when we get restless sleep, it’s easy to feel like we’re crumbling even after our second cup of coffee. But why is that?

We’ve all heard that sleep is important, so let’s dig into why it’s so vital for everyday life. Getting a good amount of quality sleep makes our days fly by and feel productive. Your brain needs rest to help you feel happy, positive, and get you in the mindset of taking on the day. You’re probably familiar with that grumpy foggy feeling you have after very little sleep and living life like that every day will eventually lead to burnout, which is why it’s important to get control of your nighttime routine.

The brain and body need sleep to recharge so you can wake up feeling refreshed. Without proper sleep, your brain cannot create and maintain pathways used to learn and create memories. You essentially cannot think, remember, or problem-solve on very little sleep. Sleep is also important for your nerve cells to communicate with each other. Therefore, reactions, instincts, and cognitive and bodily abilities may become slow, delayed, or nonexistent.

Poor sleep is common in our society where hustling is an encouraged lifestyle. Here are some helpful ways to help your sleep so that you can feel on top every single day.

Be Consistent
By creating a nighttime routine, you’re signaling to your body that it’s time to go to bed and that it’s ok to turn off and rest. A nighttime routine can look totally different from one person to the next. Some people may opt for a warm bath followed by a long stretch on a yoga mat. Others may enjoy a few chapters of a book and a hot cup of tea or some aroma therapy and listening to white noise or binaural beats. Whatever your nighttime routine is, be sure to keep it consistent and at the same time each day. Of course, on weekends it can be hard to keep a routine, but if you want to really solidify your routine, doing it every day is best. Timing is important too- you have a higher likelihood of getting the proper amounts of restorative sleep when you shoot for a bedtime around 10pm.

Set The Scene For Dreams
The truth is that environment is everything. Setting up your bedroom for sleep is essential to getting those much-needed zzz’s. Complete darkness, few electronics and a room temperature of 60-67°F has been proven best for deep sleep. A clean room makes for better rest as well- having clutter around can interrupt a good sleep. Aim for a minimalist bedroom with calming colors to get your body and mind relaxed before falling into a deep sleep. Also, don’t forget a comfortable bed with cozy blankets and pillows!

Be Active During The Day
It’s much easier to get to sleep if your body and mind were productive during the daylight hours. It’s almost like a treat to be able to cuddle up, relax, and get coxy after a long day of accomplishing tasks. Your body especially needs movement throughout the day. This doesn’t mean you have to go hard at the gym every single day, but be sure to get out and take a walk or do some stretching so that your body will be able to relax come bedtime.

Avoid These Energizers Before Bed
Energizers come in a lot of different forms. Of course, drinking coffee or other caffeinated beverages is a big no-no when you’re trying to relax as those drinks are designed to do the opposite. Similarly, eating a large meal before bed, especially something with a lot of carbs can cause your blood sugar to spike. Carbs are designed to give you quick energy, so fueling up before bed can be extremely counterproductive. Pay attention to the supplements you are taking after mid-afternoon. Stimulating supplements like B vitamins, Co Q10, and some hormones like dhea are best taken earlier in the day, as they can keep one stimulated in the evening. Another energizer is screens. No matter if it’s your laptop, a TV, or your phone, looking at your screen right before you try to shut your eyes will stall the process of getting to sleep. Scrolling on a screen keeps the brain scrolling, while you are exposing yourself to stimulating blue light. Do yourself a favor and put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ so that you can keep your sleep uninterrupted. Consider wearing blue light blocking glasses in the evening hours to help you wind down and encourage higher quality sleep.

Even if you do all of the suggestions above, you still may have trouble going to sleep. However, don’t get discouraged, there are other ways you can get the sleep that you need. One of our favorite supplements, Quicksilver Melatonin, is in a liquid liposomal delivery. Many people stray away from melatonin because of the next day “melatonin hangover” which leaves them drowsy. This melatonin is designed for fast-acting results with minimum drowsiness the next day because it is effective with a much smaller dose.

For those with extremely disrupted sleep and circadian patterns, try pairing Melatonin with Quicksilver Gaba-theanine. Liposomal gaba and theanine together support a calm, relaxed state of mind in preparation for bed. Try it throughout the evening when you wish to calm your racing thoughts after a long stressful day. Then reach for melatonin immediately prior to bed.

By changing your bedtime routine and introducing Quicksilver Melatonin or Gaba-Theanine, your body will thank you! Since sleep quality is the foundation for health, all aspects of living will be easier when we are able to rejuvenate and regenerate properly on a nightly basis. Soon you will find yourself better able to tackle anything the day throws at you!

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