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Its unparalleled 125 years of use in every category of adverse health conditions put it in a class of its own - yet we bet that the majority of our audience, consumers and healthcare professionals alike, are not familiar with its remarkable history, much less its current applications…


Let’s go back in history and connect the dots to this remarkable discovery starting in the late 1800s. This was when the assault on health and natural medicine had its roots.

1850: Claude, the Father of Western Physiology, observes and describes the biological terrain (Bioterrain) – the fluids in which our body’s cells reside for their existence.

1860 – 1885: Antoine Bechamp vs Louis Pasteur (The Terrain vs the Germ) – Bechamp demonstrated that it is the degradation of the of the Bioterrain that determines health and immunity of our species, not exposure to microbial and parasitic pathogens.

1897: Rene Quinton established that the first 2.5 billion years Evolution of all species exclusively occurred in the sea. The sea, a solution of water and the entire Periodic Table of the Elements is unique in the known universe.

How unique? The sea contains every known form of matter (78 minerals and trace elements in precise concentrations).

The ocean’s unique characteristics determined the structure and function of all cellular life at every stage of Evolution. It left an indelible mark – our blood, blood plasma and body fluids inherited the unique biochemical and energetic signature of the sea. It is the basis of the Bioterrain.

Where is Quinton from?

Quinton Marine Plasma is harvested from within rare ocean vortex “blooms” of phytoplankton and zooplankton and then processed and microfiltered at 4 degC into sterile and apyrogenic plasma in sealed glass ampoules. The “bloom” is a complex, natural bioreactor with hundreds of micronutrients and energic properties.

Then Rene Quinton gave us this insight that had eluded biologists for centuries:

“The only way life could leave the ocean was to take the ocean with it...” - Rene Quinton

This contribution of Rene Quinton to science didn't end there...To prove his science he took a leap where no one had ventured before. In 1904 Rene Quinton successfully performed the total transfusion of the blood of 6 canines with his specially harvested and prepared Isotonic seawater (Plasma de Quinton). In 1904 his 500 page treatise was published, L’eau du Mer, Milieu Organique, describing the experience in minute-by-minute detail.

Soon after Rene Quinton’s 1904 announcement and demonstration of canine blood transfusions with Plasma de Quinton, multiple disease epidemics broke out in Europe and North Africa. Cholera, Tuberculosis, Typhoid, Syphilis, Smallpox, Gastrointestinal Infection, influenza, Athrepsia and extensive Birth Defects.

Herbal and Homeopathic medicines of the time were no match for the diseases. Antibiotics were still 25 years away. Deaths and severe birth defects reached tens of thousands per month.

After proving its efficacy on four terminally ill patients, the Paris Academy of Medicine hailed Plasma de Quinton as the best hope in controlling the disease epidemics of Europe. The decision to establish 69 “Marine Dispensaries” through Europe and North Africa saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Quinton Marine Plasma demonstrated therapeutic efficacy with such a broad range of health conditions that it was included in the Physician’s Desk Reference of Europe – The VIDAL – for the following 75 years.

By the late 1920’s the emerging pharmaceutical industry did not want to co-exist with a superior, inexpensive natural health product and used its regulatory and political influence to remove Quinton Marine Plasma from the medical spotlight.

In 1999, Laboratoires Quinton elected to exit its status as a regulated medicine in the European Physician’s Desk Reference and be re-listed as a nutritional supplement.

The remarkable properties of Quinton Marine Plasma have been hidden in plain sight for the past 125 years as they cannot be freely disclosed in the US due to FDA pharmaceutical regulation and censorship.

Robert Slovak’s (Co-founder of Water & Wellness) Discovery of Quinton - Brazil 2004

Robert was introduced to Quinton during a water research trip to a remote location in Brazil. The story gained recognition in the natural health community. Robert contracted a severe case of bacterial gastroenteritis – possibly from contaminated food. The absence of medical services made this a life-threatening situation.

A worker offered him six 10 ml glass ampoules of Quinton with his comment: “This is our doctor”. Robert was instructed to consume one ampoule each hour. Approximately 8 hours later, in utter disbelief, his illness was gone and the experience changed his life and career forever...

Robert remained in Brazil to study with the Argentine Biologist who is an authority on the history, science and application of Quinton Marine Plasma. He brought his wealth of knowledge to the Functional, Naturopathic and Allopathic doctors – as well as dentists - of Brazil.

Robert visited Laboratoires Quinton, located in the Mediterranean coastal city of Alicante, Spain. Soon after, he officially arranged to be the importer and distributor in North America and represented the remarkable discovery of Rene Quinton worldwide.

How Quinton Marine Plasma may support and improve every physiological function in the human body.

The ideal human Biological Terrain (The Terrain is EVERYTHING!) was inherited during Evolution of our species in the sea for 2.5 billion years. The sea uniquely provided the entire Periodic Table of the Elements...every known mineral and trace element as well as micronutrients and energetic factors.

Over the course of the past 150 years, the human Bioterrain has been corrupted and imbalanced by our nutrient-void food and produce as a result of unnatural and chemical-based farming methods (see Prof August Dunning’s expose’ The Habitat Crisis).

Modern man has NOT been able to maintain the proper inherited Terrain and it is the primary cause of the explosion of chronic disease and the dependence on pharmaceutical medicine.

Health-minded individuals must restore the composition and balance of their Terrain to support all cellular functions and achieve homeostasis.

Nothing we’re aware of compares with the regular use of Quinton Marine Plasma in restoring the ideal natural Bio terrain man inherited from the sea through Evolution.

Special Quinton uses:
  • Every aspect of procreation from fertility to prenatal nutrition – amniotic fluid
  • Quinton is known for its hygienic applications – skin, nasal, ocular, aural
  • More than 100 health conditions are censored by regulatory agencies
    From the beginning of cellular life, seawater was the cornerstone of hydration and homeostasis.


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