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Robert Slovak, cofounder and expert water scientist, joins Ben Greenfield in his show titled, "The Electrolyte & Mineral Replenishment Strategy Closest to Human Plasma, How to "Bathe In Hydrogen", and Nasty Water Industry Myths & Truths."

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In this episode, you'll learn about the intricacies of Hydrogen and the benefits of drinking it, soaking in it, and applying it to a face mask. Robert addresses the internet myths about hydrogen that are surfacing and sets the record straight.

“Hydrogen tablets, in general, are one of the most helpful additions to anyone’s health and water optimization protocol, but when it comes to metabolic maintenance and energy, the experts at Water & Wellness have elevated hydrogen to an entirely new level with their Active H2 + Chromax tabs - if you want to use hydrogen, this is the best way to do it!"

- Ben Greenfield

Robert also gives us the inside scoop on what specifics to look for when purchasing a water filtration system. Finally, are you still wondering which Quinton product is best for you and when to take it? Robert breaks down the difference between Isotonic vs. Hypertonic and in what scenario you will want to take each of them.

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