3 Tips To Make The Most of Quinton

Quinton marine plasma supplement minerals
Creating healthy habits takes time. According to experts, it takes 66 days for a habit to become automatic. In order to make the transition from a goal to a lifestyle change, it helps to make the habit not only enjoyable but easily attainable. Or in other words, make the habit fit into your current lifestyle.

A habit that doesn’t fit seamlessly into your lifestyle can be very hard to maintain. Especially if it requires extra time and effort. Quinton products can easily be incorporated into everyday life, and the benefits range from supporting cellular hydration and communication to supporting digestive health and calming nervous tension. With 78 key microminerals and trace elements, adding Quinton into your life is a no-brainer.

Here’s how to ease Quinton into your lifestyle and develop a new healthy habit.

Put It Where You Can See It
One of the best tricks for creating a habit is to make that habit visible and easily attainable. Our original Quinton Hypertonic comes with 30 ampoules of perfectly measured portions. These sealed glass amps filled with essential minerals and electrolytes not only enhance cellular rebuilding and anabolic activities but also look chic enough to put in a centerpiece.

Many people love the look of arranging these ampules in a fish bowl or glass vase. This not only creates a healthy and bougie vibe in the home, but it also makes for an easy reminder to take your Quinton daily.

Include It In Your Protein Shake
Quinton Hypertonic can be taken with or without food and can be added to any beverage. There is a salty taste that users grow to love. However, it's subtle enough to easily mix it into a smoothie or protein shake.

Since Quinton supports your body’s functions under intense physical stress, adding Quinton to your pre-workout or a protein shake will definitely enhance your performance at the gym. It also supports energy and endurance so you can push yourself even further than before. Quinton also supports recovery, making it a must-have in your gym routine.

Carry It Wherever You Go

Glass ampules are not always the most ideal to carry in your purse or in your car. That’s why we have QuintEssential 3.3, which provides all the same health benefits as Quinton glass amps, but is served in easy-to-take, on-the-go sachets. Each sachet is perfectly measured to provide you with fast-acting mineral replenishment in order to keep your body working optimally.

Place sachets in your car, throw some in your gym bag or purse and stash some in your drawer at work. Incorporating some form of Quinton into your diet 1-3 times daily will support your body’s functions without maximum effort.

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