Signs Your Circulation Needs Some Help

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Poor circulation can be life-threatening. It can also be caused by a variety of factors including diet, lifestyle, or disease which can cause plaque buildup, bloodclots, or narrowed blood vessels that make it difficult for blood to flow through freely and easily

In order to maintain a healthy body, it’s vital to have blood flowing all through it. If your whole body is not getting enough blood you may start to experience symptoms. Below are some symptoms that are most common when dealing with poor circulation. Many of these symptoms may seem small and it’s not uncommon to overlook them, but by paying attention to your body you can nip a problem in the bud while preventing a more serious issue. 

Weak Or Hurt Muscles

If you notice muscle pain or weakness, especially when walking, that’s a sign of poor circulation. Many people experience cramping or spasms, as well. The muscles that are most affected are usually the legs, feet, and arms. Combined with weak and hurt muscles, slow-wounding healing on those areas is common because blood cannot get to those places in order to heal them. Your body is a system and when not all the parts are working correctly and blood cannot flow freely, parts of your body tend to break down. 

Cold Fingers & Toes

If you have trouble keeping your fingers and toes warm, that’s a definite sign of poor circulation. Likewise, if your toes and fingers have numbness easily that could either be a symptom of poor circulation or a nerve condition. It may seem common to have cold hands and feet, but if this is a constant and persistent issue, it’s best to get it checked out in order to prevent a more serious condition. You have to think, if your blood isn’t flowing to your hands and feet, where else isn't it flowing?

Chest Pain 

If you are experiencing any type of chest pain, it’s vital for you to get to the doctor immediately to get it checked out. Chest pain can be a sign of many serious issues. However, it may just be that you swallowed a piece of food wrong or lifted too hard at the gym. You never want to take the chance that it’ll just solve itself. Your heart is not something to mess around with, so always get a second opinion from a doctor. 


Swelling is quite common with poor blood circulation. Swelling occurs when fluid accumulates over time because the blood is not able to circulate properly. Have you ever noticed after a long day walking around, your feet are swollen when you take off your shoes? It’s usually not too worrisome and will resolve simply by placing a pillow under your feet while you lay down. However, if swelling becomes consistent or does not decrease, it’s important to make a call to your doctor. 

Here’s Your Solution 

There are many lifestyle changes that can help improve your blood’s circulation and allow you to be your healthiest self. Some of these changes include eating a clean and nutrient-dense diet with minimal processed foods and sugars, not smoking, limiting alcohol intake, and working up a sweat regularly – or at least moving every day!

Another way to improve your bloodflow is by incorporating Quicksilver Performance Cardio+ into your routine. This supplement is an advanced whole-body circulation formula designed to support bloodflow and oxygenation to optimize health.

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