First, there was hydrogen

First, there was hydrogen

Hydrogen is estimated to account for 90% of all atoms in the universe and close to ⅔ of the atoms in our bodies. HYDROGEN gas, or molecular hydrogen, has been studied since 1975

Our own microbiome contains bacteria that produce HYDROGEN GAS (H2).  Hydrogen, the first element in the creation of the universe, the smallest and most prevalent element, was the key to the beginning of life as we know it. 

In 2007, groundbreaking research brought hydrogen to the awareness of scientists for its potential role in human disease.  Nature Medicine reported that the inhalation of H2 gas inhibited brain injury. The research found molecular hydrogen rapidly diffuses across membranes, acting as a selective antioxidant, neutralizing cytotoxic reactive oxygen species (ROS). 

In the mitochondria, not only does H2 neutralize the most harmful free radicals like peroxynitrite and hydroxyl radicals, we also find up-regulation of ATP production.  This is why hydrogen tablets are so popular among biohackers, high performance athletes and busy professionals looking for peak performance.      


The systemic benefits of Molecular Hydrogen go far beyond that.  Hydrogen gas (H2) has been found to:  

  • Inhibit inflammation
  • Support nitric oxide, circulation and cardiovascular health
  • Modulate the immune response
  • Enhance cognitive function
  • Preserve mitochondrial function
  • Delay the aging process
  • Inhibit DNA/RNA damage
  • Optimize oxygen utilization
  • Modulate gene expression


By simply dropping one tablet into liquid, the tablet undergoes a reaction and immediately infuses the liquid with hydrogen gas. Plasma levels peak within 5-15 minutes after drinking.  The tablet also releases magnesium in an ionic, highly absorbable form.

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