How Often Do You Track Blood Sugar?

How Often Do You Track Blood Sugar?

How often do you or your clients track blood sugar?  

Why? Because blood sugar handling is one of the BIGGEST predictors of future health… 

Everything from dementia to nerve problems, cataracts to wrinkles on your face can arise when our blood sugar is roller coastering out of control! 

One thing science agrees on… Keeping your blood sugar low and stable is KEY to HEALTHY AGING.  

Now, what is ONE mineral when deprived of, will lead to blood sugar irregularities within weeks? 


Ever since we innovated this hydrogen formula, we have customers RAVING about Active H2 + Chromax (chromium).   

These individuals regularly test their blood sugar and recognize the impact it has. 

Molecular hydrogen supports cardiometabolic health by itself, but paired with chromium, it amplifies the ability of glucose to be transported INTO the cell to be burned for energy! 

Want to test it for yourself? Consider a glucometer for at home use, or order fasting glucose or Hb A1c tests.

Take 1 Active H2 + Chromax in 8-12 oz of water daily… Drink immediately upon dissolution of the tablet.

Oh, we’re always excited to hear the testimonials… keep them coming! 😉

*Health Hacks:

When it comes to ENERGY, Active H2 + Chromax pairs well with CoQ10NAD Gold, 2 potent liposomal powerhouses that support ATP production on a foundational level. 


-Dr. Angela Pogioli
Clinical Consultant / Product Education Specialist


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