Original Quinton vs QuintEssential

Original Quinton vs QuintEssential

We've broken tradition…  

Our goals here at Water & Wellness aren't just about providing the finest and most effective health-rebuilding nutrients – like marine minerals & trace elements, and molecular hydrogen, H2, the newest blockbuster nutrient.  We're also eager to reach as many people as possible with our philosophy of improving quality-of-life by adopting simple, proven health routines.

Original Quinton vs QuintEssential

At the very first mention of changing the perception of a product with over 115 years of therapeutic success, a palpable hush fell over the Water and Wellness marketing team.  Changing anything about our revered Original Quinton Marine Plasma would lead to certain disaster, wouldn't it? If it works – and it has since 1897 – don't fix it. But, we simply couldn't ignore the feedback from our customers seeking more user-friendly packaging, designed for everyday use by both children and adults.  Such a product would benefit a greater percentage of the populous, create opportunities for vendors, and help us fulfill our core mission to improve everyone's well-being.

For these reasons, we introduce two new family members: QuintEssential 0.9 Bioterrain Restore and QuintEssential 3.3 Optimum Mineralization. These two products come to you in convenient, easy-to-open, consumer-friendly packaging. As a qualified distributor or practitioner, you will always have access to the Original Quinton Isotonic and Hypertonic products just as you always have.  The QuintEssential product line is simply the evolution of Original Quinton. It’s the same plankton-bloom harvested, raw, unheated, micro-filtered solution including ALL the minerals and trace elements with a wealth of marine co-factors … minus the celebrated 121-year medical reputation.

Original Quinton's oceanic origins, harvesting, and processing protocols are core to its reputation. So, too, is the unique packaging – a double-tipped glass ampoule.  Research data specifically supports the subtle energetic contribution of this package design. But, this comes at the cost of user friendliness. Our most common point of feedback from customers has been, "I love your product, but it is difficult or intimidating to us. Can you make the package so that my entire family can use it as part of their daily routine?" After all, minerals and trace elements are THE most important nutrients.

This became a rallying cry to search for novel, yet protective packaging that would make the amazing benefits of René Quinton's discovery accessible to a whole new segment of the population.  Good for us, good for you, good for ALL health-minded consumers.

We still recommend that health practitioners use Original Quinton Isotonic & Hypertonic for the most versatile therapeutic use - especially for patients with the most difficult health challenges.  

  • QuintEssential 0.9 as first-line support for a variety of family health conditions including anxiety...
  • QuintEssential 3.3 for daily use as a water additive, a minerals & trace element supplement, a physical and mental energizer, a professional level sports electrolyte and a vital prenatal nutritional complement.

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