Remineralize Your Filtered Water With Quinton Sea Minerals - With Tracy Duhs

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From Tracy Duhs, modern wellness advocate: 

"Go ahead and purchase a water filtration system... I recommend the AquaTru. It makes the water within minutes and then you have reverse osmosis filtered water. It's been treated so the chemistry of the water is clean and pure. 

But now, we want to make sure we add minerals back into the water so that the water is able to penetrate into our cells. 

So what I like to do is add sea minerals to the water. My favorite are Quinton minerals. Quinton has 78 trace minerals from the periodic table, those elements are the building blocks for life. They're essential for building new cells in your body, for cellular communication, for that electrical charge... our body, our health is based on voltage. And you can't have that voltage without having the proper minerals in your body." 

Step up your water game and learn some ways with Tracy Duhs in this video below. 

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  • What is the different between the quintessential 3.3 sachets and the Quintin hypertonic?

    Chelsea on

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