The Ageless Mindset Is A Matter Of Choices

The Ageless Mindset Is A Matter Of Choices

I'm lucky to have an ageless grandmother as a role model. In fact, there is no such thing as a “NORMAL aging” process. My grandmother at age 101 is more active and quick witted than most 75 year olds. Her chronological age is 101. Her biological age, or her age on a cellular level, is that of someone much younger. 

Biological age is within OUR control.

Yes, the CHOICES you make on a daily basis in regards to nutrition, supplements, exercise, water, sleep, stress, relationships and spirituality all affect how you age.

High performers understand this; YOU have the power to control HOW you age! 

We're in a constant state of fluctuation; the body you have in this moment is not the same body you'll have 10 minutes from now. Think of your body as a house…the structure remains intact, however, every second we are remodeling, replacing old materials with new.

Your body makes 6 BILLION new cells every day. You CAN have a better body than you did 5 years ago! It all depends on you; whether you CHOOSE good quality or poor quality raw materials. 

Now more than ever, being conscious inhabitants of our bodies is critical. We're in the midst of a crisis! We're now the sickest species on the planet. This generation is projected to die younger than their parents and grandparents. Infertility rates are skyrocketing.

Look at your 2 neighbors: one of you will likely be diagnosed with cancer. One in 3 people now have pre-diabetes. The human race is acclimating to an ever increasing toxic environment, which makes it an uphill battle for us to maintain our health. 

We do not catch disease! Disease develops. Health is not a black or white are not EITHER sick or healthy; there are many shades of gray. One isn’t suddenly diagnosed with cancer.

We all have cancer cells; how many are determined by the environment you’ve created within your body. People fail to realize that you've been sliding down the health scale towards disease for a long time to create an environment hospitable to cancer cell growth! The bioterrain must be shifted back to health based on the daily HABITS you choose.

One may argue that encountering disease is a blessing for some; a wake-up call that forces us into action. Top performers take ACTION. They understand there is no stagnation in life; there is only growth or decay.

Your choice at this moment moves you one way or the other. Imagine yourself on a steep slope: if you choose to stop climbing, gravity will pull you down the mountain. If you choose to stop exercising, you lose muscle mass. If you stop cleansing, you become toxic. If you stop drinking water, you become dehydrated. Being alive requires proactive effort in order to THRIVE. 

Are you neglecting yourself until you become a statistic? Are you waiting until your body exhibits more serious warning signs like a heart attack or stroke? Or do you, as a peak performer, take action and correct imbalances when the body’s orchestra is just starting to fall out of sync?

Educated experts, like those at Water and Wellness, can offer guidance on where to start to upgrade your health and improve your biological age.

But it all starts with these questions first:  What is your WHY and do you choose to make better decisions than you did yesterday?

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