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Aquatru Countertop RO System

AquaTru creates incredibly pure, bottled-quality water by using REVERSE OSMOSIS. No Plumbing or Installation required!

+ FREE Replacement Filters ($80 value)

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Active H2 

60 tablets of molecular hydrogen

Aquatru Carafe


Topical H2

60 H2 tablets for hydrogen hydrotherapy


hydrogen product

As the world’s smallest and most mobile molecule, hydrogen can rapidly diffuse into cellular mitochondria, and permeate every organ of the body, including the blood brain barrier.

Molecular hydrogen has been observed in over 1,000 studies to function as a master selective antioxidant, giving Active H2 ULTRA the ability to support mitochondrial, neurological and cardiometabolic health, up-regulate ATP, neutralize the most cytotoxic free radicals, and manage inflammation while allowing the body to maintain beneficial reactive oxygen species for proper signaling needs.

While molecular hydrogen helps enhance athletic performance and recovery, improving power and reducing fatigue, Chromax® enhances the action of insulin, and helps you lose fat, increase muscle, and control your appetite - just a few of the metabolic health and performance enhancing benefits this powerful duo has proven to deliver.

Support Mitochondrial and Cardiometabolic Health

Helps Athletic Performance & Recovery

Chromax Helps Lose Fat, Not Muscle

Improve Power, Reduce Fatigue


Get started with a 60 Day Supply.
Take one  Active H2 Ultra & Active H2 Plus Chromax tablet per day. 

• 2 boxes of Active H2 Chromax
• 1 bottles of Active H2 ULTRA



Embarking on health journey with a friend or loved one?
Get a pack for you plus one and SAVE even more! 

• 4 boxes of Active H2 Chromax
• 2 bottles of Active H2 ULTRA

SAVE $88.94