"Quinton minerals are an invaluable part of my detoxification program" - K. Thomas

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Naturally Recovering Autism

with Karen Thomas

“In researching the best drinking water filters available, I have come to trust the AquaTru from Water & Wellness as one of the highest quality available on the market today. With its combination of reverse osmosis and carbon filtration, the AquaTru is superior in removing the most dangerous of toxins in water which most other above counter filters simply cannot make truthful claims to.”


Pure Water & Minerals Bundle

This bundle is based on Karen's drinking water recommendations!

1 AquaTru Classic RO unit, 1 box Quinton Isotonic, 1 box Quinton Hypertonic, 1 Active pH Alkalizing Powder

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  • $178




    Experience ultimate wellness with our best-selling line up: Active H2 ULTRA, Quinton Isotonic, Quinton Hypertonic, and Active pH Restore.

    • ALKALIZING Minerals
    • MORE Energy
    • HIGHLY Bioavailable
    • REPLENISH Mineral & Trace Element Levels
    • DETOXIFY & Restore the Bioterrain
  • $100




    Experience pure electrolyte replenishment and help nourish your cells with a nutrient profile that's unlike any other product.

    • FAST-ACTING Hydration
    • MORE Energy
    • HIGHLY Bioavailable
    • REPLENISH Mineral & Trace Element Levels
  • $529



    AquaTru + FREE Filter Pack

    Indulge in clean, pure, and delicious hydration with AquaTru- the first and only countertop reverse osmosis water purifier certified to NSF standards to remove 82 contaminants, including Lead, Chromium-6, Chlorine, Fluoride, PFAs, Nitrates and more. AquaTru creates purified, great-tasting water from your tap - no plumbing or installation required.

    This bundle comes with three replacement filters for FREE (2 pre-carbon filters + 1 VOC filter) giving your unit up to 1.5 years without the need to buy new filters.

  • $399



    AquaTru Carafe + FREE Filter Pack

    Using the same patented Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology of the AquaTru Classic, the more compact AquaTru Carafe is made from durable and strong borosilicate glass, letting you pour with ease and store in the fridge for chilled water on hand. Perfect for small spaces and individual use, AquaTru Carafe's 4-stage purification process masterfully removes toxic chemicals out of your tap water.

  • Aquatru FAQ's:

    Even bottled-water providers don’t meet the purity levels of water provided from AquaTru’s reverse-osmosis process. Many labs have found there are microplastics, carcinogens, and other toxins found in nearly all tap, filtered, and bottled waters available. Arsenic, lead, and chromium have all been discovered in municipal waters.

    AquaTru is certified by IAPMO (one of only three recognized testing facilities in North America) surpassing NSF/ANSI standards, removing 15 times more contaminants than leading pitcher filters and outperforming claims made by gravity-fed carbon media filters. AquaTru takes out nearly all lead, chromium, copper, fluoride, radium, chlorine, glyphosate and more.

    View Certified test results here | Compare test results with other filters

    AquaTru is THE most efficient (highest % Recovery) RO drinking water appliance in the world - an incredible 65-70%. Conventional RO systems are about 15 - 25%, producing 1.5 to 2.5 gallons for every 10 gallons put into it. The AquaTru recovers 6 to 7 gallons out of every 10 gallons.

    AquaTru is programmed to alert you to change its three filters based on the following: Filter 1/2 - the earlier of 600 gallons or 6 months; Filter 3 - Reverse Osmosis filter, the earlier of 1200 gallons or 24 months (2 years); Filter 4-VOC filter, the earlier of 600 gallons or 12 months.

    As their name implies, gravity fed filters use the power of gravity to pull water through various filter medium, namely Activated Carbon, which is excellent for reducing a narrow range of contaminants as well as oxidizing disinfectants - this includes most everything from natural organics, to chlorine to THM's to pesticides and herbicides, etc...there are hundreds of them, which sounds impressive. However, since these impurities accumulate in the carbon (quite unpredictably) the consumer has to be VERY careful to frequently change cartridges. Furthermore, Activated Carbon alone cannot remove (adsorb) dissolved inorganics (ions), toxic metals (most forms), fluoride, radionuclides as well as many pharmaceuticals and personal care products.

    It’s worth noting that the most popular gravity fed filters on the market today do not meet NSF/ANSI purification standards. The NSF/ANSI protocol is the gold standard in water tests, while the three recognized third party testing organizations in North America are IAPMO, Water Quality Association and NSF International. Interestingly enough, there are no gravity fed filters with accreditations from these testing parties, unlike AquaTru. Lesser reputable testing facilities have tried to spin their testing results to say they meet the NSF/ANSI standard, however did not reproduce the entire protocol, namely meeting the minimum # of gallons to be filtered. There have been multiple lawsuits made against one of the more popular gravity fed filters regarding their certification tests. It is so serious that the FDA has placed stop orders and the company is banned in multiple states.

    Quinton/Quintessential FAQ's:

    Quinton is living seawater/marine plasma harvested from seasonal vortex plankton blooms 100 feet below sea level in the Bay of Biscay. This area of the sea is satellite monitored and known for its powerful currents and ocean upwellings that bring an array of nutrients into the plankton bloom where billions of tiny plant and animal life called Phytoplankton and Zooplankton call home.

    These plankton blooms are the highest concentration and diversity of life on our planet and are the source of more than 50% of the oxygen in the atmosphere. Phytoplankton are the "lungs" of the sea, and the oxygen from one out of every two breaths we take comes from plankton.

    While Quinton is seawater, it is NOT saltwater. On the contrary, when water is evaporated to produce sea salt, the biological and biochemical micronutrients go away. Such is the case with Celtic sea salt, which is DENATURED sea water. Nor is Quinton just any seawater, i.e. deep seawater, where there is little or no teeming microscopic life. This is why marine plasma must be harvested just below 30 meters deep, where under the action of sunlight, a transformation occurs between the plankton, minerals, amino acids and nucleic acids.

    Quinton nourishes the body with the knowledge and biological imprint of the primordial ocean. It contains over 78 naturally occurring minerals and trace elements in PRECISE ratios that the body requires to maintain a healthy state. The bioavailability of these nutrients (heightened by their organo-complexed form) allow for immediate absorption and utilization, restoring balance, health, and vitality.

    We have over 100 trillion cells in the body, which are all surrounded by an extracellular milieu known as the BIOTERRAIN. The health of this bioterrain ensures proper cellular metabolism, cell nourishment, and can predict how microorganisms materialize in the body. Bathing our cells in the same primordial, mineral-rich bath that nourished life for millions of years helps to restore and maintain a healthy bioterrain.

    Quinton is the only mineral formula that contains the entire periodic table of elements in specific ratios that mimic (almost identically) the sea from which many believe that life was born. That is why throughout history abroad, clinics and doctors have used Quinton ISOTONIC as an IV and injection - because of its very close resemblance to internal bodily fluids. This cannot be said about any other concentrated mineral source.

    PACKAGING, plain and simple. Quinton is packaged in glass ampoules, while Quintessential is packaged in travel-friendly sachet’s. Quinton Hypertonic is the same exact solution as Quintessential 3.3, while the Quinton Isotonic is the same solution as Quintessential .9.

    Quinton Marine Plasma in glass ampoules is a pharmacologically certified sterile and apyrogenic solution The QUINTON PLASMA that goes into the sachets starts out qualifying as "Sterile & Apyrogenic" but this cannot be guaranteed over time because of the nature of the sachet packaging.

    Glass is a very good container for marine plasma, and the stability is longer than sachets. The biggest difference between sachets and ampoules is the organoleptic test. After 3 years the taste of the product can change, a little but not too much, due to packaging material in sachets. In ampoules this does not occur. For glass ampoules the shelf life is 5 years; for sachets, shelf live is 3 years.

    Isotonic is the "tonic" and Hypertonic is the "nutrient". Quinton Isotonic is identical to blood plasma in its mineral and trace-element concentration. It restores the health of the extracellular matrix, or BIOTERRAIN, within the body, and supports a healthy stress response, regular sleep cycles and a proper parasympathetic/sympathetic balance within the nervous system.

    Quinton Hypertonic is a higher concentration of trace elements than that of our plasma; Hypertonic provides a higher concentration of minerals and trace elements required for the metabolic activity of the body, to compensate for what is missing from our food. It is used for rejuvenation, rehydration and mineralization of water, or whenever one engages in intense physical or mental activities. Hypertonic can be taken at any time, with or without food/water.

    Quinton Marine Plasma has been harvested from plankton blooms and processed as a medicine since 1897. The facility in Alicante, Spain is an ultra-advanced pharmaceutical environment with world class standards. All of the marine plasma that comes from Laboratoires Quinton meets the most stringent Injectable, IV, Sterile, Apyrogenic medical standards.

    More than 100 control parameters guarantee the maximum quality and safety of Quinton. Throughout the production and packaging process, raw materials are subjected to physical, physiochemical and biological analysis, altogether testing more than 100 parameters which guarantee that Quinton's Plasma and its by-products are of the highest quality and safety for consumption and remedial use.

    All batches of raw material seawater are subject to rigorous controls. Quinton undergoes dual pass 0.2 micron Sterilization Filtration (no heating or application of energy is ever used). For a frame of reference, a hair is 80 microns, and plastic microparticle studies show that the predominance of microparticles fall into the range of 344 to 686 microns.

    Quinton undergoes this double cold microfiltration in a sterile environment to eliminate the content of microorganisms. These procedures guarantee seawater which is suitable for consumption (or IV use in other parts of the world). This process allows preservation of seawater's natural qualities and organic matter content, preventing the emergence of free radicals and avoiding the micro-precipitation of some minerals such as calcium and magnesium salts. This is common when other treatments such as heat or ultraviolet are used, which are responsible for the irritating or dehydrating effects of other seawater-based products.

    In the laboratory, Quinton implements the protocols and recommendations of organizations such as the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and the AECOSAN (Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition), in addition to other in-house controls, thus ensuring the absence of contaminants such as heavy metals, oil derivatives, pesticides, radioactivity, microplastics and pathogens. Quinton's pharmaceutical production unit complies with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FDA's Food Supplements GMPs, GMPs and GMP/NCF Cosmetics (ISO 22716) standards.

    To date, plastic microparticles have NOT been observed in raw Quinton seawater by the in-house Quality Control laboratory during the microscopic examination step (used to identify plankton and microbial species). Nor have plastic microparticles been reported by the independent Third-Party laboratory, ALKEMI (Laboratorio de Analisis y Consultoria).

    Quinton is the gold standard - they have studied and perfected the harvesting and manufacturing of sea plasma, and this is why Quinton has been used and trusted for over 120 years.

    Molecular Hydrogen FAQ's:

    Active H₂ ULTRA is a tablet which dissolves in water in a controlled fashion to release a steady stream of hydrogen nanobubbles that super-saturate water with high-dose molecular hydrogen (H₂). It simultaneously provides a source of ionic magnesium to combat the most common mineral deficiency in the western world.

    Active H₂ Ultra tablet combines elemental magnesium and organic acids (malic acid, adipic acid, tartaric acid) to liberate molecular hydrogen from water on demand. This allows for the generation of high concentration molecular hydrogen water on the road, before or after training, or anywhere where you have access to water.

    Mg + 2H₂O > Mg(OH)₂ + H₂ gas

    Benefits of tablets compared to other delivery methods include: the highest dosage and delivery efficiency of H₂ on the market, convenience, and the added benefit of a highly bioavailable magnesium supplement.

    Just like with other vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t matter how much you consume but how much is bioavailable - with H₂ gas it doesn’t matter how much is produced, it matters how much remains in the water for consumption. Drinking the water immediately upon tablet dissolution will yield the greatest concentration of H₂ infused water and greatest clinical benefit. Do not let the H₂- infused water sit for long, as H₂ levels will drop as it sits.

    Hydrogen infused water is simply water that has H₂ (hydrogen gas) dissolved into it - two hydrogen atoms bound together. Think carbon dioxide (CO₂) gas infused into water to make a carbonated sparkling drink.  Active H₂ Ultra tablets produce hydrogen gas instead of carbon dioxide gas. 

    Ingesting Molecular Hydrogen (H₂) can act as one of the most powerful MASTER regulators- controlling redox (antioxidant/oxidative balance).  H₂ can regulate beneficial oxidative species (like nitric oxide which promotes vasodilation) and our own production of antioxidants. 

    Taking other antioxidants can indiscriminately react with all oxidative types and lead to lower production of our own internally produced antioxidants.  This is not a desired outcome!  H₂, on the other hand, acts selectively and improves redox homeostasis via activation of the Nrf2 pathway -regulating levels of glutathione, superoxide dismutase, catalase within the body.

    H₂, as a gaseous-signaling molecule, modulates signal transduction, protein phosphorylation, and gene expression…what does that mean?  H₂ supports the proper management of inflammation, immune health, and apoptosis.  H₂ has the unique ability to regulate imbalances in these areas.

    With its small size (unsurpassed absorption and bioavailability) and its ability to diffuse into the hardest to reach places, H₂ has the ability to infiltrate and protect our mitochondria and brain (as it crosses the blood brain barrier).  

    There are over 2000+ scientific studies including over 100 clinical studies suggesting that H₂ has therapeutic potential in over 170 different human and animal disease models, and in essentially every organ of the human body.

    When the focus is whole body upregulation, boosting Molecular Hydrogen (H₂) can:

    • Support nitric oxide, circulation and cardiovascular health
    • Modulate the immune response
    • Support athletic performance and recovery
    • Enhance energy levels
    • Support a healthy inflammatory response
    • Enhance memory and cognitive function; maintain alertness
    • Preserve mitochondrial function
    • Delay the aging process
    • Inhibit DNA/RNA damage
    • Optimize oxygen utilization
    • Modulate gene expression
    • Neutralize hydroxyl and peroxynitrite free radicals
    • Promotes liver health
    • Neuroprotection