4 Signs Your pH Balance is Abnormal and How To Fix It

4 Signs Your pH Balance is Abnormal and How To Fix It

You’ve probably heard of the term “pH balance” in relation to women and their vaginas, but this term refers to more than just the female reproductive system. In fact, everyone’s health is affected by pH balance. 

The term “pH balance” refers to the level of acids and bases in the body’s fluids such as blood, saliva, and urine. Our bodies are designed to naturally maintain a healthy balance of acidity and alkalinity with the lungs and kidneys playing a vital role in this process. The brain also is an essential part of this process as it monitors the breathing process, regulating the amount of carbon dioxide entering and exiting the body, which directly affects your pH levels. 

The balance of pH is rated on a scale that goes from 0 to 14. A reading that is in the middle, a 7, is considered neutral. A pH that reads below 7 is acidic. Whereas, a pH higher than 7 is considered alkaline or basic. In order to thrive, the body maintains the blood pH within a very tight and narrow range around 7.4.


Oftentimes, we push aside fatigue and sleepiness as a consequence of a busy lifestyle. But, ignoring this common symptom may cause you to overlook a key sign of an unbalanced pH level. 

Fatigue or tiredness can be caused by high acidity in the blood. That’s because when the blood is too acidic, it makes it more difficult for your body to absorb all the vitamins and nutrients you are fueling it with. Without the proper absorption of minerals, your body cannot create the energy to get you through your day. 

Tummy Trouble

Tummy woes such as indigestion are a sign that you are consuming too much acid in your diet and throwing off your pH balance. Many healthy foods can be acidic, but once metabolized, have an alkaline effect due to their high mineral content and high buffering capacity. Other unhealthy processed foods can fuel the fire of acid and inflammation throughout the body.  Be careful and chose fresh produce, high in mineral content, especially leafy greens.

If you do experience indigestion, be cautious when consuming high amounts of the following foods: 

  • Citrus
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Soda
  • Processed Grains
  • Red Meat
  • Dairy Products 

A product like Active pH Restore can greatly help manage discomfort levels associated with these foods.


When you do not have the proper nutrients in your system, it’s not abnormal for your sleep cycle to be disrupted. So if your body is highly acidic and nutrients are not being absorbed, insomnia or restless sleep is often a clear sign that you need to make changes in order to catch up on your beauty sleep. 

Two of the nutrients that impact sleep are magnesium and calcium, both of which have calming effects on the nervous system. Adding greater quantities of these vitamins to your diet will help to balance pH and allow you to get some more zzz’s.


Stress is something we cannot avoid, unfortunately. Whether it’s good or bad stress, it has a way of impacting our bodies and our health. 

The stress hormone, cortisol, affects not only our mental health but our physical health as well. This key hormone plays an essential role in our pH balance too. When there is a high cortisol level in the body, our body loses minerals and the ability to properly absorb them which then raises the acid load in our systems. 

The Solution

The gut-brain connection is proof that a proper diet works best to repair health and keep your body working optimally. If you are showing signs of a pH imbalance, changing your diet to accommodate for the imbalance is key. 

An over-the-counter daily supplement might be the trick to achieving balance as we age. Active pH Restore Alkalizing Powder contains potent bicarbonate forms of minerals that carry amazing buffering capacity. These support the body's OWN efforts to bring itself back into balance so that it’s not too acidic or too alkaline.                                    

As we age, we tend to accumulate more acid, metabolic waste products, and inflammation, which are then coupled with diets that fuel acidity. Because of this, it becomes more and more important to alkalize the system. Many older people find that their bone density suffers as their body, in its innate intelligence, steals minerals from its bones to keep the blood pH in that proper narrow range. 

Either way, you look at it, a product like Active pH Restore is important to keep us aging well! It’s an extremely popular addition to daily coffee, dramatically altering the acidity of our favorite morning cup of Joe.  Highly acidic, high protein, and keto dieters also use Active pH restore daily to keep their systems in balance.

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